Other Sectors

As our system is modular, we can tailor our case management software for any new industry sector at no extra cost to you.

Tailor Made Case Management Systems

If we do not already have a version for your industry sector, we will create one.  What we would need to do is to visit you and work closely with your team at no setup cost to yourselves in order to tailor the software for your industry sector, using the language that you use so that it is familiar with your users.  Once setup, you would simply pay the monthly support fees from the 1st of the next month.

There are no setup fees when you work with us to tailor our product for your industry sector.

it support case management systems Case Management for Software Development property maintenance and building services software
HowTos photocopier maintenance escalator maintenance
electrical maintenance alarm maintance pest control

Language Packs

We can also install for users their own native language pack, making the screens within the system easier to navigate around for non English speakers.

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