Christmas Opening Times 2017

By | 12th December 2017

ccp christmas

Christmas and New Year Opening Times

Facebook has just asked me if I want to put something on my timeline to say that it is Christmas.

Have I missed some days out in a drunken coma?  Is Facebook premature?  Has Jesus altered his birth certificate?  Has Santa finally been and the bl**dy kids are now less excited and playing with the cardboard packaging?  Wishful thinking on my part?

Notice to all staff:  Nope, bah humbug, it is not Christmas yet..!  Work on for another week.  We close at 5pm next Thursday 21st December.  And so that those spirits of Christmas past, present and future, don’t return to haunt me, you can have until 9am on Wednesday 3rd January off.

Now, be off with you, for another 10 days, and make me some profit..!  Humbug…  Christmas indeed…

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