Client New Case Copy Email

By | 14th June 2018

When a new case is raised by a client’s user, Case Centre Pro automatically sends an email alert to the service provider.  A change request came in from a larger client of ours to be able to get a copy of this email alert, but only for their own users.

The advantage of this for the client is better visibility of what users are requesting the service provider to do in the detail of cases, especially if they are at a different location, and if outside a normal contract, it helps the central administration function at a client to understand why an additional purchase order is being requested for by the service provider for additional work and services.

The advantage to the service provider is that this better visibility effectively speeds up the time it takes service providers to get paid by reducing the queries surrounding additional case work.

To set this optional feature, the service provider can edit their client details screen, and they will see a new box in which to enter this email address.  The email address can be an email group at their clients mail server if preferred.

New Case Email

Client New Case Email Screenshot

This feature is optional, and will be available from Monday 18th June 2018 to all Case Centre Pro service providers and all of their clients and their end users.

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