Tailoring Case Centre Pro

We aim to tailor Case Centre Pro to use the language in your industry sector as well as being able to change the way that the software works based on input choices from your users.  This is quite easy to do as we have considered this when building Case Centre Pro from the outset.


Do you call a client a customer?  Or perhaps a patient?  Or resident, tenant, or perhaps even an in-mate?  No problem.  Inside Case Centre Pro, there is a built in Lexicon, so, for example, changing “Client” to “Customer” will change every screen immediately for you, and all buttons saying “Client” will now be “Customer” for all users to click.


If you consider your business, and specifically the workflow of a task from beginning to end, a new task case, could for example start with “New” status, then move on to “Awaiting Quotation”, or “Engineer Visit” etc.  When a status changes, you can have Case Centre Pro perform some action.  This action we call a “macro” as it can be a number of actions grouped together.  (See Macros lower down).


Similar to statuses, you can have a macro perform a different instruction if it is urgent.  For example, SMS text someone within your business to alert them to the raised priority.  We have a wealth of standard macros built into the software.


These are actions or instructions.  Based on what was selected or clicked, the user initiates the action to be performed.  Multiple actions can be carried out building up a powerful bespoke system.  You can have unlimited macro instructions.  For example, if you choose to “Close” the task case, then additionally, the case will be closed in the database, and maybe an email to the clients end user, and perhaps an invoice be raised and sent elsewhere.  There are lots of standard macros within Case Centre Pro to configure your system to help simplify the running of your business.

Bespoke Macros

If we do not have a standard included macro, we will write one for you.  If we are able to include this as a standard macro, ie, it is not bespoke to only your business, we usually do so free of charge.

Bespoke Screens And Data

Should we need to create a new screen bespoke for your business, we can do so.  Typically, this bespoke screen will be called upon a status or priority change, and will perform some action or provide some extra captured data.  We can store this.

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