Contractual FAQ

Please find below frequently asked questions, and their answers.  Should you wish to discuss further, please feel free to call us.

Cancellation Period

The cancellation period is one calendar month.  For example, should you give notice by telephone, email, or by letter on the 12th April, then your obligation is to settle up to the last day of May.  This is so that we do not have to apportion part months, and you have to amend standing orders, direct debits or card payments.  It also gives you sufficient time in which to export any data you wish to retain from our systems.


Our software is delivered from our Irish company, so is governed by the laws of the Republic of Ireland.

Non Disclosure Agreement

We operate an automatic non disclosure agreement.  We will not contact any of your clients or users.  We will not disclose your data to any other party.  This NDA will live on for a period of 12 months after any cancellation of a contract with us.

Payment Methods

We accept payments on the 1st of each month by Standing Orders, Direct Debits, Visa Debit and Credit card payments via Paypal.  We currently do not accept Bitcoin.  Our preferred currency is the Euro, but, we are happy to receive other currencies as well.

Failed or Missing Payment Policy

Should you miss a payment, we will request that you bring your account up to date within 14 days.  Should you not be able to do so, we will assume you have left our services and expire your account and data.

Software Agreement

In using our systems, you will be required to accept an electronic agreement which shall form a contract (see Jurisdiction above) between ourselves and your business.

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