VISA Card Problems

By | 2nd June 2018

VISA Card Payments

I have something technical to say about the recent VISA card payment system being down for most of the EU.  Frankly, it is shocking for a company that size to be relying on a single piece of hardware that subsequently failed causing devastating card transaction problems in an age where we rely on being a cashless society.

We are a micro company with nowhere near the financial resources of VISA and the mainstream banks, but, we have built a fault tolerant platform in which to run our systems with processing facilities in multiple geographic locations.  What if we completely lost our Dublin node in our cluster?  Well it happened last year, and non of our Case Centre Pro clients even noticed because we automatically failed over to the remaining 3 other nodes.

Our topology is that the application and user data is stored in multiple locations and securely updated in real time.  Think of a jet plane with four engines, all working together, loose one engine and the flight can still safely continue, that is what we have.  You can test this at any time from a command prompt and type:- nslookup to see how many nodes we are running on.

So, it is clear, that VISA have not the technical infrastructure in place, and are frankly flying across the Atlantic with your “money access” in a single engined aircraft.  Simply NOT good enough.  Come on VISA, get your act together and employ the right technical staff in which to roll out a proper fault tolerant hardware infrastructure that works..!

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