Data Protection FAQ

Please find below frequently asked questions, and their answers.  Should you wish to discuss further, please feel free to call us.


We will ensure that the system is available with a 99.9% up time.  We achieve this by employing multiple server clustering technologies.


Your data is safely backed up nightly to our own off-site data storage facility called RKive.IT in Shropshire, UK over a secure connection.

Data Protection Register

We are registered with the Data Protection Registrar in the Republic of Ireland to both store and process data.  The Registrar is aware that we have clients from anywhere around the globe and that clients data maybe imported to or exported from our systems as required by our clients.


All our systems and procedures are GDPR compliant.  Here is our GDPR policy statement.

Data Location

Please be aware that in order to build a secure and resilient system, we replicate your data to multiple geographic locations, both inside and outside the European Union.


We operate a cluster of servers, each server has its own web server, database server, software etc., in a fully parallel and redundant manner.  Should one fail, we will simply take it out of service for maintenance, leaving multiple others to take over the work load.  In having multiple server nodes in this manner, allows us to load balance web traffic between our clustered service.

Cluster Server Nodes List

A current list of server nodes within our cluster is located on our About Our Infrastructure page.

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