Client New Case Copy Email

New Case Email

When a new case is raised by a client’s user, Case Centre Pro automatically sends an email alert to the service provider.  A change request came in from a larger client of ours to be able to get a copy of this email alert, but only for their own users. The advantage of this for … Read more

Recommends Tablets

Recommending 10 inch tablets

Many small businesses tend to think of “we’ll get an app”.  This is perfectly fine for lightweight work, or perhaps for capturing a new sales lead, but, consider your field service engineers using a 5 inch phone screen all day long and the strain on their eyes and thumbs trying to navigate around an app … Read more

VISA Card Problems

I have something technical to say about the recent VISA card payment system being down for most of the EU.  Frankly, it is shocking for a company that size to be relying on a single piece of hardware that subsequently failed causing devastating card transaction problems in an age where we rely on being a … Read more

New Features

CCP facelift

In our never ending quest to improve our software, we have today successfully rolled out a new version of Case Centre Pro with a new updates, new features, and improved searching. New look If you are using an Apple Mac, then the software will automatically adjust it’s style to look like Mac buttons, Mac input … Read more