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Software developers can use our software to allow the end users of their software to see how far along their development is progressing, and to get involved early with the testing cycle. This ensures that the project module never goes off track and projects are delivered on time on budget.

Halloween Trick And Treat

Small businesses think that bespoke software is scarily expensive and is not affordable.  Well it needn’t be.  This Halloween, don’t miss this trick and treat your business to our bespoke modular rented software for your industry sector so that your business can grow to the next level.  With pricing from only €40 or £35 plus… Read More »

Case Centre Pro for Software Development and Maintenance

Today we added a new version of Case Centre Pro for the Software Development and Maintenance sector. Software Development Software development has changed in recent years, some companies adopting RAD (rapid application development), others sticking with the traditional Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Maintenance cycle.  In either case, it is typical that the software maintenance staff… Read More »