Help Desk Software Systems and Solutions

We provide low cost help desk software and task management software to IT support businesses helping you to improve your customer services, improve control, and capture new and repeat sales.

A help desk solution for non technical end users

Help Desk Software Systems and Solutions

So long as your users are able to use a mouse and a web browser, and understand the basic principals of logging into a cloud based portal, then they need no further technical training. Once inside, it is really easy for them to raise a case for support with you.  If your client’s user has their own domain name, then you don’t even have to set the user up on our system, as our system will recognise everyone from that company’s domain name.  Ideal for new user self setup.  There are no limits on the number of users on our help desk system.

Case Centre Pro allows your users to report issues as cases that appear in as a task list across all of your clients users enabling you at a glance to see all issues, current comments on cases and case progression.

CCP facelift

We help any expanding busy business with our software to manage the tasks your engineers or staff need to carry out when at a clients premises.  Your clients will have unlimited access to Case Centre Pro allowing them to report new problem as a “task case”, generating repeat work, leading to increased sales for your business.  Ideal for businesses who have support contract arrangements with your clients.

We can easily tailor Case Centre Pro for your business using the language you use in your business.  For example, you may prefer to call a client a customer or consumer or perhaps even a patient, Case Centre Pro has an inbuilt Lexicon that can be changed on the fly to allow for this.  Just let us know your requirements along with how a task or case would flow through your business and we can get you started in a matter of minutes, saving you valuable time every day.

Add links, attachments, photos, reports as you go

Add links, attachments, photos, reports inside our help desk software

Comments, photos, attachments and links can be added to a case keeping everyone informed of the progress of the work.  The end user, owner or perhaps the budget holder at your clients business can see at a glance a percentage graph of each case or task’s progress, reducing the need for telephone progress calls and also improving customer relations and efficiency.

Solutions Knowledge Base

Within Case Centre Pro, all manner of technical documents and solutions can be stored.  Repetitive cases are then swiftly dealt with by referencing the in-built knowledge base.  You can add new solutions and procedures into your knowledge base for all your help desk staff, engineers and even clients.  This is controlled by a “competence” level.

In addition, every case has a case history, so IT support staff can search for similar cases for the same customer or across customers, see what has been done before, thereby saving precious time.

In resolving the cases quickly, the customer perceives a better level of care, and overall impression of of their IT Support provider is high.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Warnings

demo case

Many IT Support companies have to work to strict SLA (Service Level Agreement), so the system can be set to work out when the SLA response time is nearing, and when the SLA fix time is nearing with colours alerting you to how close you are to the SLA times.

SLA Warning

Only the IT Support providers staff can see these coloured case markers (see this example right) on the cases main listing screen.  SLA Warnings show in orange before a SLA is missed and red after a SLA is missed.  You can have the system alert your support department as the response SLA’s as well as the fix SLA times are nearing by either email (or SMS in the Enterprise version).

Case Centre Pro can be set up to email you (or SMS Text you) when a user adds a new case to the system, enabling you to quickly dispatch remote field service engineers to site if necessary in good time.

No more missed field service engineer appointments

Help Desk Software Systems and Solutions for Field Service Engineers

Gone are the days where you need to spend time on the phone with clients and then again to arrange engineers to go to site.  Your engineer can be assigned to go to your clients premises, and the system will automatically inform and remind your client’s user of the visit by email.  No more visiting locked up premises.  No more missed engineer appointments.

Website Integration

Some IT Support companies use a basic web contacts form for new customers to complete in order to generate new business.  We can extend this to capture both this contact information and additionally problem information, and this can be inserted directly into the Case Centre Pro case management system database as a new case, thereby speeding up the new sales channel to valued customer support cycle.

Once a customer of yours is setup on Case Centre Pro, then repeat business is more likely to follow due to the easy access the portal.


CRM Reports

Case Centre Pro has a number of standard reports built in as follows…

  • Report number of cases by Client in a date range
  • Report number of cases by User in a date range
  • Overview by case priority/urgency in a date range
  • Overview by case status in a date range
  • Your SLA response times in a date range (see above)
  • Your SLA fix times in a date range

We can add additional reports if you tell us what you require.

Sign-Up for Case Centre Pro

Our self sign-up process is a single easy to complete form, quick to complete, and an account will be automatically setup within seconds for you.  Check your email and spam filter for our welcome emails.  Then, simply start using our help desk solution immediately.

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