Technical FAQ

Please find below frequently asked questions, and their answers.  Should you wish to discuss further, please feel free to call us.


All of our server nodes are run in a VMWare virtual machine, so that we may move its location quickly should a problem arise with a chassis.  Inside the virtual machine, we run a LAMP (Linux Apache, MySQL PHP/Perl) setup in a multi-master mesh cluster.  CentOS is our choice of operating system for stability and security.


The software is written in a number of languages to form a seamless web application.  Case Centre Pro is programmed in Java, Ajax, Perl and PHP.  This means that the software sits on our clustered web portal making it accessible from any mobile device, PC, Mac or server.

Software Updates

When a bug (programming error) is reported, we can address the programming error quickly and update our central deployment mechanism which will update all the server nodes in our cluster to the new version, thereby quickly fixing the problem.  This means there is nothing to download to multiple computers and devices, and more importantly, no need to tie up valuable technical staff rolling out updates.  Simple, effective, powerful.

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