for Building Services Property Maintenance

Case Centre Pro for Building Services Maintenance is optimised to help building managers, property owners, on-site maintenance staff as well as building services contractors.  Building managers are able to report issues regarding their buildings so that the owners are able to see at a glance across all their properties what is required to in order to meet standards.

Property Maintenance Software

As a list of non urgent tasks builds for a location, property owners can elect to dispatch a maintenance person to that location to deal with the growing list of items to attend to, thereby cutting down on traveling costs and environmental emissions.  For urgent tasks, a maintenance person can be scheduled and dispatched all from within the system.

If wanted, by allowing your tenants free access to the system, they can see at a glance where a task is up to.  This improves communication and reduces stress all round.  The tenant sees a better service, and your tenant churn within your properties is reduced.

Additional advantages of allowing free tenant access is that, you can arrange with the tenant for any maintenance appointments.  The system will then automatically remind the tenant via email or SMS text message, so that an appointment is not missed.  This is important where third party contractors may charge for a failed appointment visit because the tenant was not in.

Full history of a case task can be captured, along with any photographs taken by the staff on site.  They can simply log into a web app version of Case Centre Pro from any mobile phone with WiFi or 3G access, giving them full information to all the tasks that they have been assigned.

Building Services Managers

property maintenance and building services software

Building Services Managers can see the progression of a job at all times by logging into the system, as there is a percentage complete field in the job list.  This is a useful at a glace option.  Additionally Building Services Managers who look after multiple buildings can filter the task list by location.

Property Owners

Property owners can take advantage of our software across all the properties owned for not only the task list of all the work to be carried out, but also current work in progress, along with up to the minute progress on the completion of these works.  Once a case is closed, it will automatically form a history of work carried out on the property and assist in any tenant disagreements over the state of a property when they took it over.

Scheduling Resources

To ensure that the right person is sent to site with the correct equipment, it is possible to schedule who is sent to site, thereby reducing administrative and manual scheduling errors.

Annual Checks

Where you need to make annual checks to a property or device (boiler, electrical item), then the system can be set to automatically raise a case or send you a reminder email to perform an annual check (or any other frequency: weekly, monthly, etc.).  This function ensures that you meet all of your legal obligations to your tenants.


Compare the versions of Case Centre Pro to meet the budget and features needed for your business and sign up to simplify your business process today.

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