About Us

Mark Andrew Smith Limited is an Irish multi-national, privately held technology company based in Dublin specialising in SaaS (Software as a Service) technologies on our own globally clustered high availability Linux server platform.

Company History

Although the company started out by Mark Andrew Smith in 1992 as a sole trader in the United Kingdom, it grew and became a limited company there in 1998. Through further success and growth, Mark Andrew Smith Limited became a multi-national and a global player in 2013, and now styles itself as the Mark Andrew Smith Group with our head office in Ballsbridge, south Dublin 4.

Our Team

Mark Smith

Mark Andrew Smith enjoying a wee dram

Mark Andrew Smith

Owner, lead Technical Director and Group Managing Director.  We told you we were small.  Mark has over 25 years in the IT industry and is an out and out geek with a BSc Honours degree and a diploma in computing. Mark is a senior analyst programmer specialising in Perl, Java, Javascript, Ajax, PHP, C/C++, and BASIC among other programming languages.

Likes: Motor Racing, Amateur radio, 8 bit retro computers, roller skating, poitin, Deutsch sprechen
Dislikes: Spam Email

Fiona Smith

Fiona Smith in Italy

Fiona Smith

Group Finance Director.  Responsible for all things financial in addition to keeping the big fella above in whisky and Stuart (below) in broken PC’s.  Fiona is also known as the brains of the outfit, or “the boss”.

Likes: Running
Dislikes: Clutter

Stuart Godfrey

Stuart Godfrey in our UK Office

Stuart Godfrey

Lead technical support.  With over 25 years in the IT industry, Stuart is a fantastically knowledgeable and a helpful senior PC support operative.  Stuart is outstanding at finding out all manners of issues with PCs, and our case management system has many graded solutions to issues solved by Stuart, enabling others to expedite a solution to their clients problem.

Likes: A steady flow of Micro$oft created incompatibility problems.
Dislikes: Dads taxi at 3am
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