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Case Centre Pro is a case management system for companies who send staff to a clients premises to service equipment. It can be used in any industry sector, typical examples are: photocopier maintenance, IT support, software design and maintenance, artwork and printing, building services and property maintenance, pest control, and others.

Case Centre Pro Icons

So who does the lovely graphic icons for our Case Centre Pro Project? It is Tristan King from Voodoo Design in Telford 07870 200026. A really talented designer who can think out of the box.  He works with both large and small brands.  Here is some of his recent work.   Icons and Graphic Design… Read More »

Case Centre Pro for Software Development and Maintenance

Today we added a new version of Case Centre Pro for the Software Development and Maintenance sector. Software Development Software development has changed in recent years, some companies adopting RAD (rapid application development), others sticking with the traditional Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Maintenance cycle.  In either case, it is typical that the software maintenance staff… Read More »

Case Centre Pro Launch

Mark Andrew Smith Limited today announces that it will rebrand its own help desk support system software and call it Case Centre Pro. Versions There will be a number of versions of Case Centre Pro all focused on particular industry sectors.  However, our initial version will be focused on the IT Support industry sector where… Read More »