Case Centre Pro Launch

Case Centre Pro Logo Mark Andrew Smith Limited today announces that it will rebrand its own help desk support system software and call it Case Centre Pro.


There will be a number of versions of Case Centre Pro all focused on particular industry sectors.  However, our initial version will be focused on the IT Support industry sector where Mark Andrew Smith Group already has considerable experience in supporting the IT Support industry sector.  We hope to have the development work completed by the end June 2015.  More industry sectors will quickly follow during the coming year.

CRM Database Integration

Not only will there be a fully built in CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) database built into the system, the system will be able to integrate to and from other systems saving duplication of data and time.

Solutions Knowledge Base

We will also include our excellent solutions knowledge base tool included in the help desk maintenance software.

For more information, please contact us as we will be looking for companies who wish to trial the pre-release beta version of the system.

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