Halloween Trick And Treat

By | 26th October 2017

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Small businesses think that bespoke software is scarily expensive and is not affordable.  Well it needn’t be.  This Halloween, don’t miss this trick and treat your business to our bespoke modular rented software for your industry sector so that your business can grow to the next level.  With pricing from only €40 or £35 plus VAT per month including hosting and backup with no extra costs, Case Centre Pro will allow any small business the financial confidence to integrate with an existing website, diary services, keep in touch with and manage clients as well as record client history.  Please see the feature list for more information on how Case Centre Pro can help your business.

Bespoke Software

You see, we write software, and 95% of CRM software for small businesses is the same.  Consider, a login screen is a login screen, client edit screen is the same.  So, we can take our Case Centre Pro software and create a bespoke module to meet your business requirements.  We might already have a similar module “already in stock” that we can clone and modify to suit.


Software Rental Model

As more and more small business take advantage of multi-national IT companies offering software on a low cost monthly rental model, some small business find that much of this software is not easily tailored to a small business needs, or is too complex.  We however, include the tailoring to any small business.  If your business takes a new direction, we can change your software to reflect your new requirement.

Application Hosting

We then host your bespoke software application on our world wide cluster.  This ensures that both your bespoke application and your data is replicated to multiple geographic locations to ensure that not only is your data safe from failure, but, is always available.  There is nothing to install on your computer, so it makes future changes easy.

System Reliability

In September this year, our clustered multiple server computer system passed the 5 year continuous “up time” milestone.  Although individual computers had been taken out of service for maintenance, upgraded, moved, etc., our clustered applications for our clients have remained available continuously during this time.  We think this is impressive..!

Getting Case Centre Pro

Don’t miss this trick or treat offer.  Call us today to discuss your businesses requirements and get started with Case Centre Pro to integrate, manage and grow your business.

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