While you are here

How often have you heard when on site “while you are here”, or simply “can you just”, or some other similar phrase from a client.  The problem is that some of these requests are outside the scope of the time quoted for as it is additional work, and shockingly nearly 23% of businesses fail to charge for this extra time when no parts were needed or fitted.  In fact, normally, one in ten engineer to client site visits requires no parts, so effectively, the business is losing one tenth of that 23%, ie 2.3% in turnover.  Now, with a small businesses with a typical annual turnover in the region of £200,000 or more, that 2.3% is at least £4,600 missing from direct sales!


Generating Case Work Load

If you make every task a separate quotable case within Case Centre Pro, then the system never forgets about that work, and it can be quoted upon, approved and invoiced, thereby recovering that missing turnover above.

Yes, but, aren’t these systems complicated and expensive you might say.  No, not at all, Case Centre Pro is tailored for your industry sector, so uses phrases familiar to your staff.  The cost starts from around £40+VAT per month, so in the above example, the annual cost would be circa £500+VAT, a tenth of the recovered direct missing sales!

This is not the only way that Case Centre Pro can recover you money, it can save you money too.  For more information, give us a call for an informal chat and a demonstration on one of the above numbers.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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