In addition to all the features of Case Centre Pro Lite, Case Centre Pro Standard has these additional features and benefits…

Feature List

  • Up to 1000 customers
  • Service Level Agreement Warnings
  • Solutions Knowledge Base

Solutions Knowledge Base

Give your customers, remote staff and/or field engineers access to service manuals, step by step guides, or procedures.  Ideal for companies with ISO standards to adhere to, or striving to achieve an ISO rating.  You can set the difficulty level, and only KB (knowledge base) articles equal to or less are shown to that user.

Service Level Agreement Warnings

If enabled, the system will identify cases that are nearing their SLA (Service Level Agreement) limits before they expire, enabling better customer service, and helping to keep your business within it’s contractual obligations in good time.

For example, if you need to respond to a request for an engineer to repair an air-conditioning unit within 8 hours, and you have an additional 4 hours on-site to effect a repair, then the system will alert you long before the time is upon you where you would have a contractual issue.  Better customer care is a retained customer.


You can upgrade Case Centre Pro at any time you like as your business grows.  Compare versions to see what is right for you and your business.

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