SMS Text Messaging

sms messaging
Sending SMS text messages from Case Centre Pro
We have now added sending SMS text messaging to Case Centre Pro for both client contact and also for automatic monitoring of equipment alerts.

SMS Text Messaging for Client Contact

You can ensure that a client is reminded of an appointment by either manual or automatic reminders, simply set the appointment, and the text you want to send, and at the allotted time, Case Centre Pro will send the text message.  This is very useful for a business needing to keep in touch with clients, and to ensure a client will not miss an appointment.  Additionally, if you are not able to contact a client, a SMS text message can be sent and the message recording in the case history.

SMS Text Messaging Monitored Equipment Alert

Not only can you have the system automatically monitor a piece of equipment like a server or a CCTV system, but, should that system fail, a case can be automatically raised and one or more SMS text messages can be sent to alert maintenance staff or engineers out of hours of the equipment failure in real time.

For more information on how Case Centre Pro can help your business, please contact us for an informal free demo.

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