New Mobile Web App

Mobile CCP
Mobile Case Centre Pro

We launched today a new version of our case management system, Case Centre Pro, that has a built in web app to allow maintenance staff, engineers and staff on the road at client premises access to the central database system with the intention of updating the history of cases in real time.

Improving Customer Relationships

When working on a case and updating the central database in real time, the budget holders (the customers member of staff who pays the bills) may be on another site to your engineer, but can still be informed in real time of the state of the case.  Better customer contact can often lead to better customer service.  Better customer service can mean repeat work.  Case Centre Pro helps you to improve customer care and customer service.

Easy to Use

Easy Updates
Example: Updating a case is easy.

The mobile web app of Case Centre Pro is simplicity itself.  Stripped out of all unnecessary functions, it makes the look clean, simple, and easy to use whilst working on-site.  It is compatible with any smartphone so long as it has a screen size of 4 to 6 inches, (or 10 to 15cm).  All that is needed is some form of connectivity, 3G, 4G or WiFi in which to update cases easily on the fly.

No Training Required

A login to Case Centre Pro can be given to all your clients at no extra license cost.  Your customer’s users are then more likely to report tasks, faults and repeat scheduled work, thereby increasing your workload, you increase income and obtain better profits.

Call Us

For an informal chat on how Case Centre Pro can tighten up your business processes, improve customer service, give us a call on one of the numbers above.    

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