Mobile App Battery Saving Feature

By | 27th June 2016
Mobile Case Centre Pro

Mobile app of Case Centre Pro login screen

  When an engineer visits a number of customer sites during a busy working day, the engineer is likely to be on their device (phone or tablet) accessing Case Centre Pro’s mobile app in which to obtain work case detail, communicate with customers, the office and record actions taken in real time.

Battery life

In order to keep connected, the engineer will probably be using phone with a SIM for calls, the Wifi switched on for data, the Bluetooth switched on as they are in and out of a van.  The problem for them comes towards the end of the day, as battery life on the device can wane.  With modern phones being so light in weight, to make them look sexy, phone manufacturers have reduced the battery size causing a real connectivity issue at the end of a working day.

To overcome this problem, we have listened to engineers, their needs, and identified that if we can turn off as many pixels on the devices screen, we can extend the battery usage during the working day quite considerably.


Inverted theme

As most maintenance service providers using Case Centre Pro are likely to deploy Android phones to their engineers based upon cost, but senior staff members may have a different make of phone.  We needed to create a web mobile app that would work and look the same on both mobile operating systems.   After testing, we opted for a web mobile app rather than something that an engineer needs to install from a phone store.  We can also roll out changes far far quicker. In testing in our office, using a generic Android phone and a Samsung phone, we noticed that battery life was extended considerably when the background is black.  On an average day of usage, the battery life was extended by a further 87%.  

In practice, this means for a busy engineer where some phones were only managing 5 hours, now they will easily do 9 hours.  A full working day of calls, data, and connectivity with Case Centre Pro’s case management and CRM database. We hope that you like the no nonsense clean inverted theme to our mobile app, and the reasons for going for light colours on a black background. This version is in test at the moment, and will arrive in production in the next week or so.

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