Case Centre Pro Lite has the following key features so that you can get started with the minimum of fuss, and is aimed at small businesses wishing more features.  You can always change versions any time you like.

Feature List

  • Up to 1,000 customers
  • Free Unlimited users
  • Free Unlimited customer access
  • Built in Case Management System
  • Built in CRM database
  • Mobile app version
  • Secure clustered cloud hosting
  • Secure off-site data backup
  • Email updates to customers
  • Existing website integration
  • Built-in performance reporting

Additional Version Features

Email updates to customers and users

Many successful business have grown through great customer service.  On of the keys to great customer service is discussing and keeping the customer informed.  Your company can easily keep in touch with your customer via Case Centre Pro to remind of an appointment, or send the customer the case history easily by email.  The system will automatically try to keep the customer or the end user informed every step of the way during the progress of a case.

Mobile App Version

Easy Updates

Case Centre Pro optimised for staff working remotely in the field, enabling them to get details of the user/consumer and the ability to keep the case and your customer up to date at all times.

The mobile version using an invert colour theme to enable extended battery life during the day of a busy remote user.

The mobile app version works with any iPhone, Android, Windows phones, PC’s Mac and tablets.

Website Integration

We have a number of ways that we can integrate our system into your existing website.  From simply implementing a contact form, or perhaps problem form, or to even directly populating the Case Centre Pro case management database.  This is very useful in a B2C environment and typically generates more quality work.  Website integration is free.

Consider for example.  Mrs Jones wants her chimney swept.  It is known that customers who can see availability and able to complete a booking are more likely to do so there and then giving an advantage over the competition.  So, if Mrs Jones can see that there is an appointment time available on Saturday afternoon at 2pm with Ash Away Limited (the local fictitious chimney sweep), and she can complete the booking and pay for it online, then the sale is likely to be made there and then.  The advantages for Ash Away Limited are two fold.  Firstly, as a small business, the payment has already been taken helping cash flow.  Secondly, having already paid for the service, Mrs Jones is not likely to have forgotten about the appointment and be out, so no lost appointments.  The system can even be setup to remind Mrs Jones just before the appointment that the sweep is on his/her way, prompting Mrs Jones to be in.  Additionally, the system can be setup to invite Mrs Jones in 12 months time to re-book her next appointment and share her experience on social media.

So, for the fictitious Ash Away Limited, better cash flow, a reduction in missed appointments, better efficiency, better customer care, and repeat business and free social media promotion.  We hope that you can see a similar analegy for your own business.

Built-in Performance Reporting

There are a small array of standard basic reports in order to obtain key metrics from the cases within the case management system database. We can expand these upon request.

As another example to the one above, here is one for a fictitious IT Support business. In this example, key metric reports from a demo Case Centre Pro for IT Support version, clearly show how well our fictitious IT service provider is performing compared to their SLA (Service Level Agreement). From the report, we can see that one case too over 96 hours to complete, and an internal investigation can then work out what went wrong from the case history, and revised procedures put in place to improve service performance, and customer care. This level of reporting is built in as standard.

CRM Reports

The standard reports included are:

  • Number of cases by client
  • Number of cases by user
  • Overview by priority
  • Overview by status
  • SLA Response
  • SLA Fix


You can upgrade Case Centre Pro at any time you like as your business grows.  Compare versions to see what is right for you and your business.  Sign up today

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