HowTo: Stay In Touch While Away

By | 28th July 2016
Mobile Case Centre Pro

Mobile app of Case Centre Pro login screen

Using the mobile app built into Case Centre Pro allows any busy business owner the ability to stay in touch with the business whilst away on holiday.  Frequently, a piece of mind contact with the office is all that is needed to chill out by the pool.

Nice Place Poor Internet

Traveling to a nice place for a holiday is a quality of life thing.  You’ve built the business up, you have a dedicated work force, you work hard, and now you need your chill out rest time.

Yesterday, I kept abreast of all the work going through my business from the pleasure of the beach in a very hot south-west France.  Even though the connection was poor, slow, the Case Centre Pro app worked quickly just as it did from home.  This is because it was not loading irrelevant icons, nor adverts, it was just straight to the data I wanted to see.  After a quick glance, all was well, so it was straight back to the sun bathing.

Contact Alternatives

Obviously you can rely on a member of staff calling you, or emailing you, but, this is frequently after something has gone wrong.  In order to see what is happening, in real time, you need access to your central customer database, see the cases open, see the comments, see the history, get that cursory glance over the wider picture.  You can then check that all is well without needing to wait for that daily email or phone call.


I must admit though, there is a big problem to all of this, I am a little red this morning, too much sun despite the high factor sun cream.

Getting Case Centre Pro

So, if you need the pulse of your business on your phone whilst away in France, Florida, Finland, or anywhere else for that matter, you really need to implement a case management system with a built in customer relationship management database.

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