Happy New Year

ccp new year
Happy New Year
We would like to take the opportunity to wish you and your business colleagues every success during 2017.

In order to help businesses to that success, Case Centre Pro can help any enterprise regardless of size where you send an engineer, technician or handyman to your clients premises.  Give your regular clients free access to Case Centre Pro, they can generate work by creating cases on the system.

For example, a client has a photocopier from you.  It has stopped working.  They can access Case Centre Pro free of charge, raise a case, inform you of any error codes.  Anyone from your copier maintenance company can then respond to the client, in a timely fashion.  Inform the customer of the appointment, send the engineer, provide a solution, improve contact and customer service.

Another example?  Integrate Case Centre Pro with your own website, take a new sales lead for work, straight into your daily task work book inside Case Centre Pro.

Increase your sales, improve your business, wishing you every success in 2017..!

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