for Security Alarm and CCTV Maintenance

alarm and security maintenance

Case Centre Pro assists alarm and CCTV installation and maintenance companies in their day to day tasks by helping to plan, schedule, impement and provide improved on going customer service for the security industry all in one simple client accessible portal.


Case Centre Pro can monitor the IP address of any alarm system or CCTV camera and should the link to the CPU or device itself fail, an automatic case can be raised with a SMS text message sent to alert a key member of staff.  This is ideal in proactively reacting to faults and builds customer confidence.

Clients Raising Faults

Where a client premises is unable to be monitored automatically, then, you can give your client access to Case Centre Pro free of charge in which to raise a support case or to report a failure.  Making security alarm and CCTV maintenance so easy.  You can then schedule an engineer to visit and resolve the problem all within the software.

Annual Maintenance Plans

Where you need to perform periodic checks on equipment at a clients premises, Case Centre Pro has a diary function in which to automatically raise a case for field service maintenance.  The system will automatically inform the client and after liaising a suitable time, an engineer can be selected and dispatched to your clients premises all within the software.

Alarm and CCTV Installations

Installing alarms and CCTV systems need to be planned carefully to ensure that the right system meets the needs of the client.  Case Centre Pro can assist in breaking down any complex task into discrete case tasks.  Ideal where different engineers are assigned in a multi-skilled installation.  For example, an electrician may need to install power, or additional cabling, perhaps a platform may be required etc.  All this ensures nothing is forgotten, the installation runs smoothly, and the client is impressed with your service and their new installation.

alarm maintance

You can additionally impress the client by granting them free access to Case Centre Pro to both gain support 24/7, or simply ask for general support.

Case Centre Pro for security alarm and CCTV maintenance makes the handling and scheduling of client support requests easy.


Compare the versions of Case Centre Pro to meet the budget and features needed for your business and sign up to simplify your business process today.



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