for Pest Control

pest control

Case Centre Pro for pest control is aimed at businesses that carry out commercial pest control, connecting your customers and your pest control officers to the customers “problem” in a timely fashion, keeping them up to date, and improving customer service along the way.

Regular Pest Control Monitoring

pest control

Regular monitoring of pests on a customer site can be time consuming and less fruitful unless you can engage your customer with regular updates.  Case Centre Pro allows you to bring all your customer pest control requests and also pest monitoring into one convenient location.

Free Customer Access

In allowing your customers free access to Case Centre Pro, they can report new or indeed repeat out breaks in a timely fashion.  For example, a restaurant could attract a problem through accidental mismanagement of food waste.  However, once a pest is attracted, it can sometimes be difficult to overcome.  Case Centre Pro is ideal at allowing your customer to keep you updated in real time, allowing you only to dispatch a pest control officer when the pest has been spotted.


Compare the versions of Case Centre Pro to meet the budget and features needed for your business.

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