Case Management Software Versions

By | 15th March 2016
Case Centre Pro Logo Our current versions of our case management system of Lite, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus for Case Centre Pro looks like it is too complex across multiple industry sectors and difficult to understand and choose.  We are therefore going to adopt a simpler version for each industry sector as follows…


Lite is aimed at small or new businesses who need access to a CMS (Case Management System) database system tailored to their industry sector.  Hopefully, as this new business grows, the business will move to our Standard version.  Lite is our starter pack and is available on any mobile device, PC, Mac or server.


This version is optimised for SME (Small Medium sized Enterprises) in that some of the corporate features found in Enterprise that are not needed are omitted.  All features of Lite are included making future upgrades from Lite to Standard easy.


All features of Case Centre Pro are available in this version, and is optimised for a larger corporate needing a fully integrated case management system.

Case Centre Pro

For more information on our case management system, please compare the features of each version, or call us for a demo account that you can trial.


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