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Case Centre Pro Case Management for IT Support

So what do you do when you are sat on beach and an important customer calls you and tells you he has a minor issue with one of his computers?  With Case Centre Pro, this is a non issue.  Simply go into full customer service mode, thank him for his time in reporting the issue, and take the details in which to report the case on his behalf inside Case Centre Pro help desk software for your team to deal with.

Raising a support ticket in Case Centre Pro

After completing the call, fire up your browser, go straight over to the Case Centre Pro portal, and login.  Now, since you are on a beach and probably operating from an iPhone, Case Centre Pro is cleaver enough to work this out for you and will present you with the battery saving mobile web version.  It will also detect if you are on a poor distant 3G Internet connection, and present you with only the basics to get the job done, ie, no fancy graphics. Simply click “New” to add a new case.

Case Management

The system will present you with a list of customers.  Select your customer, then the user from that customer.  Add the subject of their issue, any urgency, along with any special details. As soon as you click “Save Case”, that user will have an email sent over to them, acknowledging the case, just as if you were in the office and more importantly, your team can now see visibility of the case in which to deal with the issue in a timely fashion.

Dealing with the new support case

Now your support team can see the new case and can allocate an engineer to deal with the issue, and resolve it quickly, keeping the customer up to date with frequent automated email (or SMS) contact at each step of the way.


The only thing left for you to do, is to apply more sun cream, turn over and catch more rays. Enjoy your holiday, you have earned it!

Case Centre Pro IT Help Desk Software

To find out more about Case Centre Pro and using it to improve your customer service in your IT support practice, please call us on a number above.

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