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Very small businesses have a range of pressures, not just financial, that causes them to think twice about opting to invest in any form of case management software.  This is a shame, as often, by investing only a little time as well as a small, and I do mean small, budget, it would give a small business or perhaps a new fledgling business the right tools to allow them to grow quickly.

Slice of the Pie

You see, what makes a larger corporate business successful, is that they will often throw considerable effort and budget into their software systems.  This need not be so for a smaller business, as often much of the software requirement for that large corporate is overkill and unnecessary and perhaps irrelevant for a smaller business.

Wouldn’t it be great if a software house offered different versions of their same product tailored for the needs of the large and small, perhaps with the irrelevant functionality cut out.  No big budgets needed, full support, unlimited users, fixed price monthly payments.  Hey wait, there is.  We do.  Please read on…

Introducing Case Centre Pro Case Management Software

Having your cake and eating it

Well, consider this small business as an example.  It is a chimney sweep, two people working in a partnership.  By using Case Centre Pro, they can extend their website “contact us” form to integrate into their Case Management System and their scheduler diary.  For their customer, I shall call her Mrs Jones, she can see at a glance that there is a slot on Saturday afternoon and that she can have both of her chimney’s swept.  A booking can be made, confirmed, paid for.

A customer is likely to impulse buy if, in the case of Mrs Jones, she can see that she can secure the booking time slot, at a time that is convenient to herself.  For the business, as the customer has already paid for the work to be carried out, then the customer is not likely to forget the appointment and be out.  No more missed appointments, especially since the system can be setup to remind Mrs Jones that someone is visiting.

Cash Flow is King

Any small business knows that cash flow is king.  Having the money in the bank even before the job has started is the best cash flow any small or new business can ever hope for.  In moving to a business model for most of the new work being generated takes considerable financial pressures away from the business owners allowing them to do what they do best.

Getting Started

Well firstly we have an offer on until month end, 25% discount on our setup and then 25% discount on the monthly fees for 12 months.  Case Centre Pro will easily have paid for itself in new business gained, and repeat business secured.

To get started, either sign-up for your industry sector, or give us a call for an informal chat.  We are more than happy to help any business of any size get ahead.


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