Case Management Software for Building Maintenance

property maintenance and building services software Today we added a new version of Case Centre Pro CMS Case Management System database software for the Building Maintenance and Building Services sector.

Building Maintenance Services Case Management Software

Solving the common problems with a team of maintenance staff being dispatched to multiple locations in order to maintain a number of property locations, Case Centre Pro allows building managers and facilities management staff to keep in close contact with the maintenance staff whilst seeing at a glance who is assigned to which task case.

Generating New Work

In integrating Case Centre Pro with your own website, you can generate new leads and work straight into the task scheduling system, usually with a status of “Awaiting Quotation”.  Quote the work, update the client via the case history, improve your customer services, impress the client, win the contract.

Scheduling Resources and Staff

Easily schedule a member of the maintenance team to a location, and the system will automatically email the customer or the building services manager at that location that a member of staff is visiting.  They can have their own access to the system, and see cases and make comments enabling the easy planning and resolution of cases.

For more information on integration, and case management, please refer to the Case Centre Pro for Building Maintenance page.

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