Santa’s Wish List: New Feature – Invoice Chasing

By | 16th December 2016

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Santa’s Wish List

Santa’s Wish List

We listen to our clients who have small businesses and from time to time we ask if there is one function that would help them. Top of the Santa wish list this year is an invoice chasing module to help with outstanding and overdue payments from clients and to assist with improving business cash flow.

Invoice Chasing

It is envisaged that this will be a new module that when an invoice is loaded to the system as a PDF, it will automatically remind the client just before it is due, and again at regular intervals when overdue.  The reminder can be sent as either an email message or as a SMS text message.

As our client’s clients have access to Case Centre Pro, they will be able to see the invoice, download copies, make a payment online.  The module will have the following benefits:-

  • No more excuses of a lost invoice in the post or a spam filter
  • Copy invoices immedidately available to the client
  • Automatic reminders by email and/or SMS text message
  • Automated online payment
  • Better overall cash flow
  • Lower banking charges and overdraft fees

This module will be available in all versions of Case Centre Pro by the end of January.

What more could a small business ask Santa for?  Any other ideas?  Feel free to call and ask.

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