In addition to all the features of Case Centre Pro Lite, Standard and Professional editions, Case Centre Pro Enterprise has these additional features and benefits…

Feature List

  • Unlimited number of customers
  • Client equipment monitoring
  • Back office integration

Unlimited number of business clients

At the enterprise level, most medium sized enterprises and larger have a complex structure of business clients.  With this in mind, any client limit is removed in this version.

Client Equipment Monitoring

We can monitor an IP address on the Internet and alert you via email or SMS text when that device is no longer available.  This is ideal for critical equipment like IT servers or plant and machinery with their own controllers.  We even have an API (application programming interface) module that allows controllers to report back to base when they need maintenance allowing for service before a breakdown occurs.

Back Office Integration

We have a range of solutions available to interface to other pieces of software enabling the transfer of information across your Enterprise seamless.  We can also custom write inter-process intergrations.

Case Management for Software Development


You can upgrade Case Centre Pro at any time you like as your business grows.  Compare versions to see what is right for you and your business.

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