Case Centre Pro Free is our entry level edition which has the following key features so that you can get started with the minimum of fuss, outlay or monthly cost.  You can always change versions any time you like.

Feature List

  • Up to 100 customers
  • Free Unlimited users
  • Free Unlimited customer access
  • Built in Case Management System
  • Built in CRM database
  • Mobile App Version
  • Secure clustered cloud hosting
  • Secure off-site data backup

Built in CRM Database

All versions of Case Centre Pro have at their heart a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database to identify the user, customer, job, task, addresses, contact information as well as a comprehensive case history.  As everything is recorded, it means that finding information later is easy enabling resolutions of similar tasks that much easier.

Mobile App Version

Easy Updates

Case Centre Pro optimised for staff working remotely in the field, enabling them to get details of the user/consumer and the ability to keep the case and your customer up to date at all times.

The mobile version using an invert colour theme to enable extended battery life during the day of a busy remote user.

The mobile app version works with any iPhone, Android, Windows phones, PC’s Mac and tablets so long as there is some access to the Internet.


You can upgrade Case Centre Pro at any time you like as your business grows.  Compare versions to see what is right for you and your business.  Sign up today

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