for Lift Maintenance

Lift Maintenance Software

Regular maintenance on lifts, escalators and moving walk ways is paramount to public safety.  Within Case Centre Pro, you can set the system to automatically raise frequent cases for the maintenance checks of the units that you look after.  You can also additionally raise a case for any major overhaul cycle.

Case Management

Each Case Centre Pro case is for the maintenance of a single unit.  Each time a unit is serviced or repaired, a new case is raised.  In this way, a service history is built up over time for a clients location.

Recording Work Carried Out

Your engineers can photograph both before and after shots on their mobile devices and upload the images to Case Centre Pro within the case history for office based staff to view and easily raise invoices for payment.

Free Client Access

escalator maintenance

If you give your clients free access to Case Centre Pro, they can raise cases for equipment that has failed which is more likely to bring in new and subsequent repeat business.  It will also assist with your customer services, as your clients can see at a glance the progress being made during equipment service or repairs.


Compare the versions of Case Centre Pro to meet the budget and features needed for your business and sign up to simplify your business process today.

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